All the models have an oversized casing of 48 millimetres and therefore have an imperial appearance. Not without reason that the first Titanio model has received the name “Imperiale”.

The Titanio Imperiale is the emperor of the Titanio collection. Available in titanium grey with Italian accent colours and (Italian) azure blue, the model is the first in line with powerful successors.


Marcus Aurelius (121 CE) was the last of the “five good emperors” and also a philosopher. He was a model of justice and humanity. The Titanio Aurelius is an impressive and simple model that exudes tranquillity.


Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus (235 BCE) was the Roman general who defeated Hannibal in Africa. He never lost a battle in his life. The Titanio Scipio reflects his solid Roman invincibility.


There is no more successful general in history than Gaius Julius Caesar (100 BCE). His reign transformed The Roman Republic into the Roman Empire. The Titanio Caesar, a classic sophisticated watch with Roman cross stitch strap.


Caesar Augustus (63 BCE), Julius Caesar’s second cousin, was the first official emperor of the Roman Empire. Although he officially wanted to restore the Roman Republic, he seized power as the only commander-in-chief of the legions. The Titanio Augustus is a tough, manly watch that also stands out due to its design and colour scheme. Just like Caesar Augustus did in his day.


Tiberius Julius Caesar Augustus (42 BCE) was the 2nd emperor of the Roman Empire. The early years of Tiberius’s government were prosperous, but his strict and straightforward politic